World: Three eccentric and brilliant new albums, from Aardvarck, Altered Natives and Legowelt.

Dutch producer Mike Kivits has been releasing beats for close to twenty years now, and his stuff sounds genuinely different, if not experimental, while being effortlessly groovy. Anti Concept is not as suitable for most dancefloors as some of my favourite tracks from the man (see ‘Nosestep’, also inverted beautifully for Cosmin TRG’s fairly recent remix), but contains lot of exciting things in one 24 track package, taking in dub, house, techno, and some mad unclassifiable shit no one even knows about. Boomkat describe him as “our favourite bifter-wielding beat-builder” (oddly, if you say that fast it sounds Dutch), and I agree that the playful rhythms do have that easily-entertained satisfaction that the combination of spliffs and sequencers brings.

Another amazingly prolific dance music scientist, Altered Natives, has dropped his brand new collection of tracks. Layered and spiralling, intensely rhythmic, skunked out psychedelic house, Tenement Yard Volume 2 begins in similar territory to his previous LP, the predominantly hookyVolume 1, especially with opening trio ‘Loved By Few’, ‘Galactic’, and ‘Earthlings’ (recently previewed in Karizma’s great mix for FACT magazine) jumping straight out of the speakers with some cramp-inducing basslines and a no-nonsense club functionality. However, as the album nears its halfway mark, Trinidadian-Italian-Londoner Danny Yorke steers things into a more spun-out and introspective climate with, mood-wise, some really ‘heavy’ atmospherics. Beginning with the uncomfortable paranoia of ‘Die 4 U’, the emphasis is more often on a kind of driving, half-numbed emotiveness, somewhere between techno and house (but many, many light-years from the mostly turgid world of tech-house). Deeper and more serious, while drawing on the expansiveness of early work such as first LP Thousand Days of Patience, and fully equipped with the streamlined, semi-automatic ergonomics of his recent output, this is heady, deadly stuff.

There and back again 🙂

Finally, returning to the Netherlands (or should that be passing the Dutch?), I wanna share a bit of Legowelt’s world with you: not only his (free) new album, The TEAC Life,but his absolutely brilliant website. Curated by the man Danny Wolfers himself, its an online space which as well as keeping updated with news, he uses as an extension of his wonderful mind, critiquing and uploading his favourite vintage synthesizer sounds, and features are coupled with his indescribable prose; just have an explore. The album, too, is him at his self-indulgent, Chicago & Detroit-dipped finest – at his best, he sounds somehow classic, while really sounding like no one else at all. Fantasy soundscapes that jack with all the effortless narcotic energy of an 80s Detroit discoteque.

“Ok people here it is the new Legowelt album which is free to download for u all 
Its got a hella lot deep tape saturated forest-techno tracks on it and when I say Techno i dont mean that boooooooooooring
contemporary shit they call techno nowadays with overrated tallentless pretentious douchebag cunt DJs playing a few 
halfassed dumb mongo beats and being all arty fartsy about it.

F*ck that, I am talking about: Raw as fuck autistic Star Trek 1987- Misty Forests- X-FILES,- DETROIT unicorn futurism made on cheap ass
digital & analog crap synthesizers recorded in a ragtag bedroom studio on a TEAC VHX cassettedeck in DOLBY C with an
unintelligible yet soulfull vivacity.”