About Us


RRI-ONLINE, the External Service of the State Radio is one of the state-owned enterprises of Radio Republic Indonesia of which services are especially directed to either foreigners abroad and Indonesians living overseas.


RRI-ONLINE as a professional, independent and public broadcasting institution.


  • To provide information, education and entertainment to either the Indonesian citizens and foreigners abroad.
  • To encourage the realization of informative-oriented community.
  • To develop the nation’s identity and culture as well as to develop cooperation and understanding among friendly countries and international world in general.

The Aims & Goals

  • To give a true and clear picture or information about Indonesia to foreign community abroad. The information may include Indonesia’s ideal, aspiration, political guidelines, development progress and culture all of which are aimed at promoting its positive image and at the same time supporting its free and active overseas political policy. These are all dedicated for the sake of the country’s national interest.
  • To maintain the nation’s integrity and to present entertainment to Indonesian community living abroad.