Equipment You Need to Start an Online Radio Station

Equipment You Need to Start an Online Radio Station –

Here’s what you will learn:

O Broadcasting Software: Types of software you can use to broadcast live that map to equipment.

O Microphones: A range of different mics, from entry level to professional.

O Processors: Microphone processors for amplification and equalisation to improve audio.

O Broadcasting Desks: Audio systems for multiple channel management.

We’ll run through the different types of setups you can choose from basic to professional, but first things first, do you have a
Mac or PC?

Mac vs PC

Let’s get this out of the way first! Wether you own either a Mac or PC it doesn’t really affect your online radio station setup
that much.

Both have audio input, output, and USB ports, which are essentially what you need. The only things affected are different
types of broadcasting software that’s available for both operating systems.

Broadcasting Software

Broadcasting software are encoders that take
audio from your computer and push it out to your online radio station.

There are different types you can use, some are basic that just stream audio online, others are more advanced with media
management, samplers, gains, and mixing capabilities.

You’re spoiled for choice when comes to broadcasting software as there’s plenty to choose from. Here’s the most

Equipment You Need to Start an Online Radio Station – O BUTT (Windows, Mac, & Linux) : Free multi-operating system broadcaster that’s widely popular. O Virtual DJ Pro (Windowss & Mac) : Audio mixing broadcaster ideal for beatmixing and cueing. O Winamp (Windows) : One of the oldest and most established broadcaster for Windows. O Nicecast (Mac) : Simplest way to broadcast through Mac that hooks up with software like iTunes. You can find more live broadcasting software over on Help . Basic Setup If you’re new to online radio and need a quick refresher course on how it all works then we recommend checking out this guide . Want to Start an Internet Radio Station? Common questions answered