A group of Balinese dancers perform in front of the crowds during the opening ceremony of the 26th Bali Art Fiesta in front of Museum Bajra Sandi in Denpasar.

The Minister of Culture and Tourism I Gde Ardhika presided over Sunday’s opening ceremony, on behalf of President Megawati Soekarnoputri, who could not attend the function due to her busy campaign schedule.

The opening ceremonies were attended by many top officials, including the Minister of Home Affairs, Hari Sabarno and the State Minister for State Administrative Reform, Feisal Tamin.

Art performances were also presented in a parade, including four art contingents from Japan, Thailand, South Korea and Singapore, according to AAG Bagus Netra, the spokesman of Bali provincial administration. A kite-flying event also highlighted the opening ceremony.

Bali Governor I Made Dewa Beratha said in his opening speech that the fiesta would have five types of art performances, including an exhibition and a competition.

The committee in charge of the events said they would present 139 kinds of traditional Balinese performances and over 170 kiosks where tourists and art aficionados can buy Balinese souvenirs.